Analysis of NIKE jerseys

Today is September 16, 17, the United States time is September 15, tonight is NIKE NBA jerseys conference, which also announced the NBA’s jersey officially entered the NIKE era.

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Have to say that the same is the NBA commercial potential huge business alliances, the sneaker market as early as a few years ago NIKE propaganda speculation of the uproar, the right to broadcast is to sell astronomical, all kinds of special activities is also done more and more Well, except the jersey market has been tepid. Pity Adi before the jersey big contract.

In fact, in high school, I just look at shoes, and later went to college, began to contact jerseys, unconsciously actually began to buy shoes to buy jerseys, and now also hands one after another to collect a lot of jerseys, although not very powerful , But also slowly find some fun.

And then return to the question, the NIKE next NBA jersey contract will allow consumers to use what position to pay it? After reading this conference, I intend to write something.

This article is divided into two parts, the first part is based on NIKE has officially announced the information on the new jersey evaluation, the second part is only my own new jersey in terms of design, marketing, technology and other speculation.

Without further ado, the first part: What gimmicks are released by NIKE in this new jersey conference?

1 on the jersey level:

It seems that NIKE did not intend to change before we get used to the five grading: (from low to high, and in this case does not include the Youth Edition, PC Limited Edition and other intermediate level)

Youth Edition: with the lowest version. Adidas called Youth, NIKE called Fanatics.

Fans version: low version, mainly in the material to reduce the configuration. The original price of Adidas is close to 700RMB, NIKE is currently released is $ 110, the two brands are similar in price, the difference should not be large in all aspects.

Player version: version on the fans version, material, design and players are basically the same, so it can be understood as a standard version of the jersey.

Field backup version: is the player in the game closet spare version, the version and the following version of the players are their own size, so basically only the collection, can not buy to wear, this article will not repeat them.

Offline: The version the player crosses through the game, so each one has a unique appearance, very, very rare.

The marketing model based on these five editions has also been fixed in previous years, including:

NBA STORE and agents for the sale of the fans version and a small player version;

Limited Vintage Player Edition with M & N

(The closing version is basically a collectible, so every off-shirt, especially sometimes autographed, players need to be certified to ensure their collectible value.)

NIKE may just take over the current, do not want to change. After the change I will come back in this article mark. http://www.cheapelitejerseys.us.com

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