How to choose the right sports shirts

As summer is approaching, you should buy a few breathable, cool shirts to wear. Keep your body cool and comfortable.
Here, I teach you how to simply select the best sports shirt for you.

First of all:
1. Material selection, textures, patterns and colors
2. The “right shirt” sign, not the guide when choosing how to wear it correctly
3. Customize (manufacturing measures) – Is it really tailor-made for you?
4. Care – washing, ironing
5. Select shirt type recommendations (collar collar and tie, suit)

Second, the correct shirt sign
1. The most widely known, so it is often possible to copy – bones in the collar, which is quite necessary. Plastic bones are ubiquitous, but the old guards will provide sewing and time-tested bones from brass.
2. Rear raincoat with a central seam. This is why you ask? But in fact, on the shoulders, we are all born unequally, so this is the yoke that allows you to put the shirt correctly according to your anatomy. In the finished shirt, they also began to make such shelves, but it is obviously not functional. By the way, in this regard, their quality requirements are very high, one does not remove this measure (and measure the shirt in the correct order also described) cancel offers custom tailored shirts
3. Precision components, where the figure (cell or strip) is stitched from shoulder to shoulder so that it is almost invisible to the transition of the arms or chest pockets. On expensive, ready-made shirts, try to follow this rule, but this is a prerequisite for individually sewn shirts. In particular, it is difficult to achieve so-called French seams that are joined at these portions (this is for those requiring high connection reliability) – when the sheet is sewn and re-stitched. Therefore, when selecting a shirt, check the connection points carefully and, if possible, select connection points that do not have this defect.

Sports T-Shirts

4. Joint quality. More stitches per centimeter, even better – per 1 square centimeter, even in the style of the shirt includes a standard stitch 8 stitches in parallel, and then in the right shirt, they will make 2 calls at the same time 2 pins instead of the machine. Why – they write that it avoids the tissue that will wave between the joints after washing – remember that sometimes normal ironing bars are not possible, it is like a dry cheese curls, this is because when you create two seams parallel fabrics they There is a lot of pressure between you (about how to wash and how to think about it, whether the shirt will sit down after washing – again below)
5. Correct length of front and back shirts – Obviously, the length of the back should be longer than the front. how much is it? Check – You can connect the front and back of the shirt to the groin – they should converge.
6. Gusset – Triangle cloth sewn between front and back. By the way, in Thomas Pink’s shirt, it must be pink:) I need to protect the shirt again from deformation when washing.
7. Buttons – completely mother-of-pearl. Place some fabric on the correct shirt underneath them, and now there is a little bit on the shirt you found. By the way, these buttons must be sewn correctly.
8 The cuff-sleeve must have a number of pleats at the junction with the cuff, and the cuff on the cuff does not appear to be intended for a small sports shirt. The shirt should only be placed horizontally.

Finally, I hope this article I wrote can give you a little help. Of course, there is no best fit, only the cheapest shirt. I also welcome everyone to come to my jersey online store to buy cheap jerseys and shirts.

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