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The conference’s biggest gimmick is of course the legendary NikeConnect, this gimmick is too large, but also for the first time NIKE intelligent and informative tide brought into mass production jersey. Specific content I want to type with their own, it is better to let everyone see the promotional videos to NIKE really.

Summarize the current role of the new shirt in the chip, is:

1) show the wonderful performance of the star;

2) collect the basic information of fans;

3) You can enhance the ability of the star in 2K18 game by scanning code;

4) Get preemptive right to buy NIKE this star related products.

To be honest, these four points are just the benefits of the first step of intelligent clothing informatization, but only enough to start this terrible.

Want to show better in 2K18? Buy a NIKE shirt now!

Want to avoid the sale of new shoes and shoe vendors grab shoes, be assured in advance to buy new limited edition shoes it? Buy a NIKE shirt now!

Want to watch ads in NikeConnect high-definition highlights it? Buy a NIKE shirt now!

These are just the first step, I am looking forward to NIKE in the next eight years can not let the heat of the jersey to catch up with these years of shoes.

About this conference, the information displayed is probably as described above so much. The second part of the next, I write all the content for their own future jersey development speculation and estimation, if not said is normal, if I happen to be guess I can only be regarded as good luck, we see a Look, we should know about it:

1 on the jersey technology:

As sports equipment, jerseys and shoes in fact really no difference, but in recent years seems to only shoes to a broader market, all kinds of vamps, midsole, anti-torque system and other parts of the new technology after another. At the same time jersey in the past decade, although a lot of change, but the gimmick is indeed too small.

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I believe after NIKE took over the shirt contract, may propose “lightweight”, “adjustable”, “high fit” and similar concepts, so that a high-end jersey full of selling point. Just as the current players ‘jerseys are stuffed with microphones to record players’ conversations on the court, more and more gadgets that monitor the physical changes of players in real time may emerge in the future, giving the team a more scientific sense of accomplishment.

2 on the shirt’s intelligence:

This is not only the future of NIKE planning, but all sports brands must accept the megatrends.

At present, NIKE jersey provided by the chips provided by the function is not enough. But I believe that these production and sales of shirts contained in the shirt and players wearing top jerseys contained in the chip should not be a level, and perhaps this research and development of technology needs 1-2 cycles of the season, but eventually the NIKE will Come up with some practicality is not necessarily high (ha ha ha truth) but it sounds very powerful thing out.

3 on the custom shirt design.

There is no doubt on the one hand that we always use the S, M, L, XL dimensions for clothing. But in fact this size can be further refined, like the previous Adidas FutureCraft4, open the shirt size refinement and customization, just as NIKE will sign the star custom shoe last to open the same mold, the future NIKE may Will be tailor-made for some of the top superstars jerseys, if the progress of science and technology fast enough, the ball may later refine the size of all players issues. Unlike everyone now is XXXXL.

All of the above is a guessing that I will write another article around Christmas this year to summarize what NIKE wholesale jerseys show at the beginning of the season.

Thank you.

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