Simple analysis of the nike nba jerseys

In fact, from my own point of view, Adidas’s jersey version is quite understandable, in addition to home and away (usually each team has two or more away versions), there are a variety of special versions, including Not to say a variety of festivals to knight favorite short-sleeved black version of these two years:

Direct costs are double the price of a normal, unlabeled version with just one more championship version (officially released for the 15-16 season). These are not fixed organizations, feel the various versions may appear at any time, only to consumers unconscious mind.

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For the moment, NIKE gives the version is simple and clear many:

Association Edition: The traditional white home jerseys.

ICON Edition: the traditional sense of the road jersey, the overall jersey background color is the team.

Statement Edition: This can also be regarded as the road version, but the background color will have some changes compared to the traditional away, in recent years Adidas jersey has appeared in many.

City Edition: City version, this is not seen before, should be based on some major cities made special edition jersey, should be my most anticipated version of NIKE jersey.

Classic Edition: classic version, or a retro version, the new season, only eight teams have some versions, can be considered limited.

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3 on the shirt design:

There is no doubt that the design of jerseys provided by NIKE is worth the wait, but before we get the real thing, we can only know about it.

First of all, when it comes to the design of the new jersey, you have to say LOGO this one big problem, before Adidas mostly placed on the left chest brand LOGO, and placed in the right chest NBA LOGO. This time due to various teams began to take over jersey one after another, which also made NIKE design jersey concern.

For the moment, NIKE puts his own SWOOSH on his right chest, while the team’s sponsor’s logo is on the left chest, though consumers may not be complacent about most sponsorships. Fortunately, however, are now able to cooperate with the NBA are big groups, and the basic city and the team where the city has a lot to associate. For example, the most likely sponsor of Orlando Magic is the famous Disney, so if NIKE sell jerseys have sponsor LOGO, if we can wear a chest at the same time NIKE SWOOSH and Disney Castle LOGO jersey is also a good choice .


On the other hand, in this jersey show, NIKE play pattern much more than Adidas too, to the shoulder design, when the adidas shoulders up and down beyond the “wide shoulder” and “narrow Shoulder version of “two simple shoulder adjustment for the team to choose. The short-sleeved version that appeared afterwards took into account the player’s shoulder activity, but still did not meet the deltoid players such as Griffon and James. James broke the most impact on the reputation of short-sleeved shirt jersey dissatisfaction jersey design, that the shoulder discomfort and tear open the news of the cuff directly reflects the Adidas homework done in this area is not enough.

The NIKE this specially in the design of the shirt’s shoulder, deliberately intimately designed under the premise of a narrow shoulder to join the back of the beam design, so that the sturdy players in the game from jersey hurdle.

In material, the information released this time, NIKE jersey will use Alpha yarn and recycled polyester (recovered from recycled plastic bottles extracted), but specifically in different grades of different versions of the jersey used in the material Not sure, after all, the jerseys are now players or performance rather than environmental protection as the core.

After seeing a few big media comments on the news of this press conference, I found out that everyone is not welcome for the jerseys made by NIKE using recycled materials. But still want to wave NIKE Amway. As early as the beginning of the 21st century, NIKE started a recycling program and strived to designate a set of standards for environmental protection in many aspects such as manufacturing, sales and scrap recycling. The sporting goods (at the time the theme is shoes) is split into different parts for recycling, different materials of different strength and material recovery after more sports products, I saw the report is mixed after the recovery Among the flooring materials laying different parts of the stadium, only a very small amount of recycled material can be used for the manufacture of shoes. So now when I see that NIKE can make jerseys with recycled materials, my first reaction is that NIKE is really focused on this project, and the direct cost of making such a jersey is certainly better than direct use of new semi-finished products Textile production before. Not as the so-called “rubbish” that many people understand. In short, I am looking forward to the material of the new jersey.

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