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Talk about the material of sports jerseys

Many people are familiar with jerseys. However, I believe that many people do not understand the fabrics and materials used in the jerseys.
There are many kinds of jerseys materials. Today, I will introduce in detail the fabric and materials of the jerseys.
jerseys – What is it?
Many fashionistas are interested in this, wherever they are encountered in the material label of the fabric store. This is a knitted fabric based hybrid fabric. It consists of various fibers. It can be wool, cotton, viscose, polyester, silk and some other knits. Due to the addition of elastic fibers, the material becomes soft, easy to sew and wear, retains its shape during operation, falls nicely, flows, and retains its original appearance after multiple wet and iron treatments.
jerseys – What is it?
Ms. Chanel’s answer For fashion light, this material was first introduced by the famous Coco Chanel. She wore her model in a sweatshirt – it was a fabric made for the working class at the time and a material for making warm winter underwear – sweaters, pants, shirts and shirts. However, on pretty girls, women’s clothing from jerseys looks great and creates unforgettable noise in the fashion world.
jerseys – You ask, what is this, because this name has existed since the Soviet era, when high-quality foreign goods were obtained through large-scale, and this sign is seen from the products obtained from fartsovschik. This is the material that meets the highest consumer quality. He has many positive qualities. Composition and quality characteristics of the jerseys This is an elastic mixture of natural fibers, rayon and synthetic fibers, woven in the form of a knitted fabric.
jerseys has the following characteristics: elasticity, abrasion resistance, air permeability, stretch resistance, color fastness, and thermal conductivity.


jerseys – What is it from a visual point of view?
This is a smooth knitted warm wool blend that has almost no noticeable texture from the front and back form. In general, the outer side of the jerseys is less smooth than the bottom side. There is a glimmer of glint that can even create glare in polished form.
When touched, this material is soft and obviously warm, a vivid example of autumn and winter fabrics. From it, you get the perfect little jacket, suit and skirt. At the same time, semi-freestyle sports clothing and dresses stand out from this material. They can heat up and fit comfortably. Applicable to sports jerseys or breathable sweat-absorbent casual clothing.
What are the disadvantages? jerseys jerseys have some disadvantages: they tend to have a tendency to form pellets, low moisture absorption, and certain electronic properties, which can interfere with the wearing of long-skinned skirts and dresses that adhere to pantyhose.
How to Care for Sweatshirts: Do not wash your hands at all; Wash at temperatures not exceeding 40 degrees; Tighten with a force of no more than 800 turns; Dry the best shoulders to avoid stretching, although this is not important because the fabric retains perfect The original volume; ironing jerseys are usually not needed, but if necessary, they should be done at the lowest heating temperature.
jerseys – The perfect material for stylish modern women seeking comfort and appearance.
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