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As an NBA fan, I watched the nba game live a few days ago. So I wanted to buy some cheap nba jerseys. I have been on the Internet for a long time these past few days, but I have found a problem: There are many different versions of the current jerseys, each version of the workmanship and material are very different, and then I went to check Some information, the following is an article that I see from the Internet, personal feeling is introduced pretty good, and the majority of fans to share.

The jerseys is divided into the following versions: REP, SW, AU, PC, GI, GU

The jerseys is graded from low to high with replica, swingman, authentic, game issued and game used. The abbreviation is rep, sw, au, gi, gurep is the offset version, ie the number name is printed on the SW is the embroidery fan version, number The names are embroidered. The jerseys is usually meshed. Au is the player’s version. The jerseys is basically the same as the NBA player. Gi is the alternate jerseys, which is the jerseys that was hung in the locker room of the team. There is a season year GU which is the jerseys used by the game, that is, the jerseys worn by the player in the game, and has the highest collection value.

1.replica jerseys, offset printing fan version, referred to as offset printing or rep
    From sandknit to champion to reebok, nike, adidas have rep, which is the most popular with the champion, nike rare, reebok and adidas is very general.

Faithful original degree: 6.5/10
Advantages: light and comfortable, a layer of soft offset, very close, low price;
Disadvantages: It is not easy to save, offset will wear out with time;

2.swingman jerseys, single-layer embroidered fan version, referred to as fan version or sw

    Nike pioneered the swingman (9798-0304). Should cover all teams, but nike would not want to do.

    97/98 based on the bull’s boss does not lengthen. There is also a lighthouse sw (supersonic-championship), king’s sw (owned by puma starter) and so on.

    03/04 Take the magic tmac black French fries retro sw. (Magic has nothing to do with nike, no magic nike au and g)

    In the nike era, swingman was not defined as the lower product of au but a brand new product
Nike sw’s style is even more than au, because sw will rewind (the normal version of the color version, there are no au mpls, etc.).
    Compared to later reebok and adidas au, nike sw’s version is still a lot of wins, so most of the veterans only admitted nike in the sw, and has been sought after.
    Nike’s early sw didn’t have a +2 length, and the workmanship was excellent. Kings Jwill and Bulls’ MJ were still recognized as high-end products.
    After that, nike’s sw had +2 length. This time because of the development of the rewind series of jerseys, it was also favored by the majority of fans.
    Although he only had about 10 teams during the nike time, they did all the teams with sw, which is why nike didn’t use sw as an assistant card for au.
    Reebok’s sw started with a forward and backward design and has continued to this day, and has not known whether it is a success or a failure.
    By the 2010-2011 season, the R30 era began, and the material of the sw changed during this period.

Loyalty Originality: 6.5/10
Advantages: thin and light, before the 2011 mesh, in 2011 became thin nylon material, more faithful to the original, the price is relatively low;
Disadvantages: single-layer embroidery will be worn and washed off (some monochrome materials will not be), reebok adi is controversial.

3.authentic jerseys, multi-layer embroidery player version, referred to as player version or au
   Here still have to say, in addition to a few champion and reebok au, nike highest. Au is good by age, brand, and place of origin. Here we talk about grass, and we will introduce them separately in detail:

The 1990s were still the world of sandknit. Until 1990, they went bankrupt. At that time, AU and G didn’t have much work to produce; Champion did jerseys in the 90/91 season until the 9495 season. Whether it was offset or embroidered, au maintained. Very high standards; the 96/97 season was the 50th anniversary of the NBA (gold logo); by the 9798 season, that is, nba started to distribute jerseys production to different companies (ABC):

A course Champion still has its own team of 10 or so. It is still a tepid old way. The double subscript au launched around 2000 is a good jerseys. The masterpiece is Champion Dark Star au.

Nike Bulls #23 Michael Jordan White NBA Jordan Swingman 2018 All-Star Game Jersey

B nike debuted. Since 9798, nike has had about 10 teams. au’s version of the workmanship material is very good, and it has been updating and breaking through. Like their company’s booming, it can be said to be doing well. Water until the 200304 season. When asked who is the best player (au)? 99% of people will think without thinking: nike! And it is the same.

At the same time, there are three starters in the world. They controlled 10 or so teams in 97/98 and 98/99. The starter’s au is good on the workmanship, but the type and material are very general (as opposed to their g, much worse), so (actually not to take relations ah) 90/00 and 00/01 season replaced by puma. Puma’s au and starter ensure a strong workmanship, and their material is better, there is still no big breakthrough in the version, the representative of this period is the old version of the king of au, is definitely fans to catch the ultimate boutique, workmanship and The design is really beautiful to praise ah ~ Next to the 01/02 season (no stranger to the 911 patch of the right shoulder of all teams), for the jerseys market long-standing reebok control of the starter and puma round X of these teams, at the same time Several other teams fled from camp camp to reebok. Reebok became a big player. The prevalence of reebok happened to be the prevailing trend of hiphop. So the generous AU was their main line of design. Of course, the big brother’s nike was definitely not. Maybe lost to this love-loving follower.

The championship, nike, and reebok triomphe ended in the 200405 season. Reebok won the entire nba. The biggest highlight of the season was reebok’s hardwood classic nights. The 14 teams’ hwc jerseys became fans of hot pursuit. This, we will say later; in the coming season, everyone will remember one person and one game: kobe 81pts vs raptors, white reebok jerseys from the US salvador, the highest workmanship, this is the commanding height that reebok scored. They are Name himself, this is comparable to nike au, or that sentence, the value of the jersey is not in his material and workmanship, the significance is very important, reebok is also catching up with the time and place.

    Unexpectedly, although reebok was on the jerseys, the entire mall was defeated. In the middle of 0607, reebok was acquired by adidas. In the same year, all the nba contracts were bought by adidas until the 201718 season. The night of au came. Although many teams have updated their styles, many of them have bright spots. Many teams have red au. However, this does not bring any improvement to the adi au market. Everyone knows that they are using the reebok team to eat their old books.

    2010/11 season, revolution, revolution 30, r30 au! Well, I personally liked it, and at least G unified the assembly line, except for the number. True tm version is true ~

   Since rep and sw can actually be represented by au, and because au is a commercially available counterpart of g, here au is rated according to the brand year, with a score of 10 points:

Champion 1990/91-1994/95 9.5/10 Features: fine mesh, g-work, small logoman
Champion 1995/96-1998/99 7.5/10 Features: very general, many styles and good looking
Champion 1999/00-2003/04 8.5/10 Features: double subscript, thick

Starter 1997/98-1998/99 8.0/10 Features: good workmanship, material type is general

Puma 1999/00-2000/01 9.0/10 Features: Good workmanship, general type

Nike 1997/98-1998/99 9.5/10 Features: mesh or fit, this is the old version of nike, exquisite
Nike 1999/00-2001/02 9.0/10 Features: Some patterns are uneven, workmanship material impresses
Nike 2002/03-2003/04 9.5/10 Characteristics: Begin to be affected by the popular, broad, still impressing, high quality

Reebok 2001/02-2003/04 8.0/10 Features: good workmanship, version can be
Reebok 2004/05-2005/06 8.5/10 Features: One year hwc style is a gimmick, one year workmanship material type clothing person

Adidas 2006/07-2009/10 8.0/10 Features: No creativity, eat old
Adidas 2010/11-NOW 9.5/10 Features: Similar products to g, version type, positive style

The fabrics before 2000 were not lasting. After that, we were all common and uneven.

In general, the player version (au) jerseys:
Advantages: Material close to the gamer, beautiful, durable, o-yea~

Disadvantages: The price is more expensive, 185~200 dollars, etc.
Pc (here refers to a commercially available pc):

1, nike is the size of the player au only, there is a leading standard, a tag, commercial ~

2, adi pc is the player’s size team au, of course, a number of limited edition, and is sold in the box. Commercially available $350~

3, special is 03 asg pc, worse than gi gu team logo (back collar)

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